Welcome to Yonnie and Chaz

Yonnie and Chaz, two endearing spiritual creatures, were born in the Ethereum galaxy. They have been lovers for more than 3000 years. In 2022, Chaz came to Earth to discover a new life form. Yonnie wonders where he is.

A passionate connectedness to Chaz is vital to Yonnie's spiritual well-being. Her sexuality and spirituality are meticulously interwoven. Ever since Chaz is gone, her world has been affected and warped.

Reuniting with Chaz is to reclaim her sexual, artistic, and spiritual self. It is the expression of her creativity and longing for recognition by her lover and her god. It is to flourish in spirituality and to embody her life fully.

It does't have to be "the" Chaz. She might find "a" Chaz along the journey. But she must find Chaz. Chaz is more than a mere lover, he is she, and she is he. Neither can live while the other disappears.

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The Roadmap


First drop of Yonnie collection

We are so excited to launch our Yonnie project.This is just a start of Yonnie's journey to find Chaz. Minting of our collection will take place around Jan 6th. Please consult regularly our website for more detailed information .


Customized Yonnie collection

Every Yonnie has her own story. Every Chaz has his own story too. If you want to make your own lucky charm, please tell us your story and we will send you your own customized Yonnie collection. You just have to fill out the form on our Discord page !


Physical Yonnie

Yonnie doesn't have to stay on the screen because she looks also fabulous in the physical world. Randomly generated unique printed Yonnies will be delivered to your doorstep. Please consult our "Poster Shipment" channel on our Discord page.


Yonnie reunited with Chaz

We really hope that Yonnie finds Chaz. However we think it's also important to listen to Chaz's side of story. The launch of 3D Chaz collection will take place in June 2022.



Who is Yonnie?

Yonnie is your own passionate lucky charm who can bring your own Chaz. Finding your Chaz is to reclaim your sexual, artistic, and spiritual self.


What can I expect by holding an Yonnie?

Every Yonnie holder will be automatically whitelisted for 3D Yonnie NFT collection that will be launched in June 2022. You can also claim a customized Yonnie NFT collection. Tell us your story, and then we send you your own customized collection. For more details please consult Customized Yonnie collection channel.


How to get whitelisted?

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How to get whitelisted?

It's first come first served for 500 people. Please join our Discord to find out more


How much does it cost to mint one Yonnie NFT?

Presale Supply: 1000 Price: 0.04 Eth + Gas

Public Sale Supply: 9000 Price: 0.06 Eth + Gas

Presale Date: 06/01/2021

Public sale Date :08/01/2021


How many Yonnie NFTs can I mint?

5 per each future Yonnie holder


Where can I see my Yonnie?



Arizona, US / Dear beautiful Chaz, I feel the sun swelling up in my belly everytime we get intimate. Be my glazing sun, I'll be your sky. We will be forever beautiful.

Zagreb, Croatia / Dear Chaz, I need a constant high, whether it's a hyper elated connection to my life or my god. My life is heightened when I'm with You. I can die right now, right here, with you.


Louisiana, US / Dear Chaz, I'm deeply connected to you. I'm in the mud, I'm gone, I'm merged, and I'm taken over by something bigger than me. I'm in a total let go. You make me think about the lIminal space between life and death.


Moscow, Russia / Silly you. I'm aware of the footprints of death in our relationship. Don't you tell me you didn't know that the constant shadow of death always follows the vivacity of life. You are trying to escape this by leaving me. Please do what you want because I accept that life has no glorious ending. Life is just experienced continuously, and I move on.

Brocéliande, Bretagne, France / My sexuality is expressed and experienced in thoughts and dreams. I go back to the forest, to my deepest subconscious, and embrace my primitive force.


Pamukkale, Turkey + Lao Cai, Vietnam / In mother nature, I can finally become primitive and pristine. I refuse all kinds of industrialization of my sexuality, even from you.


Sicily, Italy / At the bottom of the ocean, I close my eyes and see you. I blend with you and all the creatures of this world. Now you are gone, and I'm still at the bottom of the ocean. Please don't come to visit me in my dream if you won't talk to me, and please let me go now.

Shigatse, Tibet, China / Dear Chaz, we all need to find our own God to love, plunge into its infallibility, and find peace in its indefinite immensity. The expression of my creativity is to unite with my God and my peace. The cosmic energy will help me let you go and let you forget me. I hope you find your peace and understand me.


Giza, Egypt+Athens, Greece / I pray to my god to channel the energy from the higher realm at the top of the pyramid. I use different recipe this time : SHe+sHE+He+hE+SHE+she+HE. And I find new you again, my love.


Jeju, South Korea / Yonnie, united with God, becomes a spirit half-god and half-man. An intermediate creature, she bridges the gap between separate halves, men and women, men and nature, men and gods.

The Team

Klaris / Designer


Malaury / Developer


Linda / Marketing